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Abortion Cost in Fujairah

Women all over the world face difficult times when they decide to have an abortion. This is due to the nature of the decision, which is usually time-consuming and involves physical and emotional sacrifice. The women of Fujairah are no exception.

As one of the seven emirates that make up the UAE, Fujairah is governed by Sharia law. This can create difficulties for anyone wishing to have an abortion, as harsh penalties are imposed.

Under UAE law, one of two conditions must be met for a woman to have an abortion. The first is that the pregnancy endangers the life of the mother, and the second is that there must be sufficient evidence to show that if the pregnancy were to continue, the child would be born with deformities that could be fatal, thus limiting the chances of survival.

The commission has the duty to analyse the facts and decide whether to approve the abortion. This happens for every abortion to be performed in Fujairah. Abortion is forbidden even if the pregnancy is the result of an accident, such as rape.

Is Abortion Possible In Fujairah?

Given the strict measures in place in Fujairah, many people find it almost impossible, if not impossible, to have an abortion in Fujairah. This explains the large number of women who suffer unsuccessful abortions on their own.

It is possible to have an abortion in Fujairah, but it is certainly not an easy procedure. Under the law, you have to do a lot of convincing and justifying to people who believe that abortion should be banned at all costs.

The same laws also make it difficult for the doctors at the abortion hospital in Fujairah to carry out the procedure, because there are consequences for both the woman who has the abortion and the doctor who carries it out.

Doctors who are caught carrying out an abortion procedure illegally will have their licence revoked and will also be subject to severe punitive measures. As a result, many abortion clinics that appear in Fujairah do not operate for long. If the woman is unmarried, this is an even bigger problem, because according to the law, it is wrong for an unmarried woman to become pregnant at all.

Any citizen of Fujairah who is caught having an illegal abortion in Fujairah could be imprisoned. Fujairah citizens face deportation.

Facilities Available In Fujairah

As there are no good abortion clinics in Fujairah and the law has strict penalties to punish anyone caught having an abortion in Fujairah, it can be very difficult and risky.

The truth is that no woman would even think of having an abortion in Fujairah if there was a better alternative.

One of the abortion options available in Fujairah is the use of abortion pills. This is an unsafe method that usually causes many deaths and other undesirable health effects.

Unfortunately, this method is recommended by many who offer illegal abortions online in Fujairah. This probably explains why many young women in Fujairah flood search engines and online forums with the question: “Where can I find abortion pills in Fujairah?”.

The other option is to go to clinics abroad in countries where abortion is legal. This is by far the safest legal option to get to an abortion hospital that people in Fujairah can use. These clinics are usually staffed by qualified medical professionals who will ensure the safety of patients.

A third option is to try to meet all the requirements of Fujairah law to obtain an abortion in Fujairah. Unfortunately, most people will not be able to do this.

How Much Does An Abortion Without Health Insurance Cost?

The cost of abortion care varies depending on the stage of pregnancy and the type of termination. There are generally two categories of care. One is medical abortion – also known as the ‘abortion pill’, although treatment usually involves two types of pills. The other is surgical abortion, which is carried out in a clinic and can be one of several procedures.

A medication abortion – also known as Plan C – usually involves two medications available on prescription. According to Planned Parenthood, the average cost is more than 500 US dollars and can reach 750 US dollars. Sometimes these pills can be obtained through a telehealth provider. The wide range is based on the duration of the pregnancy, from a few weeks to several months. The cost of sedation and additional medication could reach 360 USD. Follow-up is also included. A medication abortion at this clinic costs 578 USD.

What Other Factors Can Affect the Price Of An Abortion?

The total cost of an abortion can includes non-medical expenses, including transport, accommodation, leisure, and childcare. Taking these costs into account is particularly important if there is no abortion provider near you.

The price of an abortion usually increases as the pregnancy progresses. Costs may increase for those who must raise funds or find resources for abortion care.

What Is The Average Cost Of An Abortion?

The average cost of an abortion depends on many factors, including the length of the pregnancy, the method of termination and where you live. Most abortions – more than 80% – are carried out in the first trimester. According to the recent study results, the average cost is USD 500 at 10 weeks, rising to an average of USD 1195 at 20 weeks.

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